Our Principles

RAN regards the following principles as fundamental to its purpose and to the interests and expectations of its members and the broader community. RAN considers that these principles should underpin all of its activities and the influence it brings to bear on local government decision-making processes and the functions undertaken by Hastings Council.

  1. Independence.
    We are a totally independent organisation: we are neither affiliated with, nor do we represent the views of any political party, lobby group, business or property development interest groups.
  2. Openness.
    We will work in an open manner and actively communicate about what we do and the decisions we take.
  3. Participation.
    We acknowledge that the quality, relevance and effectiveness of RAN policies depends on ensuring wide participation of members in policy making.
  4. Coherence.
    We will endeavour to ensure our policies and actions are coherent and easily understood.
  5. Communication.
    We will strive to maintain and improve avenues for frank and open communication with all stakeholders including residents, council staff and councillors, progress and ratepayers associations, and other community and business groups.
  6. Environmental protection.
    We will use our best endeavours to ensure that planning, development, and local government activity is at all times consistent with the protection of the Hastings environment and that the intentions of State Government Environmental Planning Policies are observed.
  7. Ecologically sustainable development (esd) principles
    We support the core objectives of the Australian Government’s National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD), which are:

    • to enhance individual and community well being and welfare by following a path of economic development that safeguards the welfare of future generations.
    • to provide for equity within and between generations; and
    • to protect biological diversity and maintain essential ecological process and life support systems